Some ideas for classes and workshops

Would any of these be of interest to you?

Fiddle Techniques. Each week we will take a popular session tune that you probably already know (and if not, you need to know!) and explore bowing technique to bring out the rhythm, melodic variations, and the many ways to ornament the tune: especially cuts, rolls, grace notes, and double stops.

Fiddle I Refresher.  You're ready for the next level, but it's been a while! We'll review the basics, and learn a new tune.  

Introduction to Playing in Sessions.  Perhaps you've been wanting to go to sessions, but you only know a few tunes and don't know the rules. Not to worry!  We'll cover session etiquette, putting together sets, starting and ending tunes, signaling to other players, and what tunes to play.  Open to all instruments.  A session follows the class.

Ornamentation Workshop.  We'll cover how to play the common ornaments for the fiddle: rolls, cuts, slides, triplets, grace notes, etc., and where to put them in the tune. 

Music Theory for Traditional Players.  We'll cover keys, chords, scales, modes, arpeggios, tune structures and more! 

Reading sheet music for the fiddle.  Don't be afraid of the dots! Many players don't read notation, but those that do have access to many great tunes. We'll go over the basics, and you'll be reading tunes in no time.  (Now stop reading tunes!)

Or, if you have ideas, I'd love to hear them!